This is a seminar schedule for ITA Showcase 2020, which was held on March 4 and 5.  The schedule is first, followed by an alphabetical listing by company with more complete outlines to give you an idea of the teaching provided.  Unfortunately, our 2021 Showcase has been cancelled due to Covid-19. This page will be updated with our 2022 seminar schedule in mid-January, 2022.  In the meantime, the listing below gives you a fairly good idea of the type of presentations our vendors come up with for you. We hope you used this schedule to help you make the most of your time at ITA.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020: 

Show Me the Money!
9 a.m. nVENT
Basics of Bonding and Grounding
10 a.m. CALIX
The Revenue Edge
11 a.m. ATMAIL
Fight Churn & Grow Revenue: How Regional Telcos can Leverage Email Loyalty for Profits
11:45 – 1:15 HOSTED LUNCH (Falls Ballroom)
1 p.m. ADTRAN
Amplifying the Subscriber Experience to Monetize Gigabit Broadband
2 p.m. ZYXEL
Securing the Digital Home Front
Securing IoT/OT and Other Devices in Reliable, SD-WAN-Enabled Network Infrastructure
Underground Fiber Construction, Conception, Execution & Completion

Thursday, March 5, 2020:

Transformational Service Delivery through Cloud Networking
9 a.m. GCSIT
IoT Network Architecture and Design
10 a.m. CIENA
How to Best Leverage Big Data, Analytics and Assurance for Better User Experience in Your Network
Pros and Cons of Using Internal Resources vs Subcontractors to Update Network Information on Newly Completed Construction Projects and Ongoing Maintenance
12 noon HOSTED LUNCH (Falls Ballroom)





Amplifying the Subscriber Experience to Monetize Gigabit Broadband

We live in a world where information is power and service providers can use real-time insight to diagnose information about their network and subscribers to dramatically improve their business operations. While broadband CPEs are shifting from “cost-only” devices into “profit-generating” solutions, service providers are still facing two major challenges as the look to monetize the subscriber experience. First, Over-the-top (OTT) players in Wi-Fi and Consumer IoT are a true threat to service providers’ ability to own the subscriber experience thus own the subscriber. Second, competitive differentiation now comes through a combination of hardware and software, but traditional vendors have fallen short in providing solutions with broad interoperability, flexibility and freedom of choice.

To address these challenges, the industry is moving towards cloud services and open API’s as emerging open microservices architecture allows network operations and IT development teams to align intelligence to rapidly create new applications and services. Open, modular, component-based software defined access (SD-Access) architectures leverage the vast open-source market, reducing service integration cycles and minimizing service disruption as new applications are created and deployed.

In this session, attendees will learn how cloud-native microservices provide the opportunity for service providers to develop and/or integrate both operational and subscriber applications that provide a big data view of the home network via predictive analytics and cognitive computing. These features dramatically improve business operations, drive new service adoption and lead to a decrease in customer churn and increased revenue per home.

Key highlights of the session will include

  • How to improve quality of experience by gaining real-time insight into subscriber, application and network status to actively troubleshoot problems and eliminate truck-rolls
  • How to identify target markets by diagnosing patterns in subscriber behavior and usage.
  • How to determine the correct customers to target for upgraded services.
  • How to reduce churn by classifying subscribers by usage to identify low-usage, potential flight-risk subscribers

Arista Networks

Transformational Service Delivery through Cloud Networking

Ever wonder how the largest web networks in the world a run with maximum cost and operational efficiencies?  A discussion around how Service Providers can adopt technologies and architectural philosophies used by web content providers (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and others).  Technologies are now readily available and simple for any service provider to create intelligently automated networks for data, access, and transport, that negates and consolidate traditional network tiers.  Join Arista, the world’s leading cloud networking provider, for a view of how you can easily adapt and benefit from the same innovation that powers the world’s largest networks.


Fight Churn & Grow Revenue: How regional telcos can leverage email loyalty for profits

Most telcos have long been offering email hosting as part of their portfolio of services, but it has typically been misunderstood (by telcos that have seen it as a liability rather than an asset), poorly executed (by in-house tech teams who understandably are not email experts) and/or not monetized. Given that new figures show that email hosting has the power to boost brand recognition, increase customer engagement, reduce churn, cut costs, and 3x increase brand revenue, it’s time to revisit the benefits of email hosting, plus examine the five main ways to monetise your customer email service.


The Revenue Edge

To compete effectively, increase revenue from broadband, and expand the footprint in the home, leading service providers are embracing a three-step approach that addresses growing consumer frustration and rising support costs associated with in-home network coverage.  It all starts with Managed Wi-Fi, then progresses to Whole Home Wi-Fi, culminating in the Smart Home.


How to best leverage big data, analytics and assurance for better user experience in your network

In this session we will discuss the challenges network operators today are facing in effectively managing their network. We will take a comprehensive review of the tools available, including SNMP, log, NetFlow, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and how visibility into IP/MPLS network control plane can be overlaid enabling operators with the ability to deliver services to the end user optimally and reliably. Are you ready to accelerate your network transition to a self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimizing Adaptive Network?


Show Me the Money!

Join us while we explore easy to deploy ancillary, “sticky” income opportunities through one-time and monthly recurring revenue programs. These IoT concepts for monetizing the home or business will include managed WiFi, Internal & External Incentive Programs, and App-Based live TV products.


Securing IoT/OT and Other Devices in Reliable, SD-WAN-Enabled Network Infrastructure

With the increase in network devices, many classified as IoT or BYOD in many network infrastructure spaces, the need to supply stable and reliable Internet or private network connections are now critical to the success of most infrastructures.  Additionally, the need for more information and more control over all systems is spearheading this drive forward.  In the case of the IoT, which are considered “headless” or lacking a configurable operating system, the average IT administrator is left with only the controls the manufacture allows for those IoT devices.  In the BYOD, the company does not own nor control the devices.  This all leaves your company with two key issues; one, how to security these devices in an age where bad-actors can comprise an unprotected network in less than 60 seconds, second, how to complete the first item while maintaining a constant and reliable network connection.  We will exploring what makes a good cybersecurity tool in the aged of SD-WAN using third-generation of network security solutions and awareness, and how do you integrate those tools so you can leverage automation, making your network more responsive and aware of attacks.


IoT Network Architecture and Design

An overview of Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, its dependency on edge compute, and the crucial role that network automation and virtualization plays at IoT scale.


Grounding and Bonding

This seminar will provide attendees with insight into the proper grounding and protection necessary to insure the safety of personnel and the protection of telecommunications equipment from electrical interference.

Presented by Melvin Silvey with nVent.

NewNet Services, LLC

Pros and Cons of Using Internal Resources vs Subcontractors…

. . . to update network information on newly completed construction projects and ongoing maintenance.


Underground Fiber Construction, Conception, Execution & Completion

Outline a project from customer call, to identify project, identifying costs, deploying the project, and handing the project off to the customer. How all of these tie together to form a successful project.

Zyxel Communications

Securing the Digital Home Front

We live in a world where online threats were something you just read online however, we are faced with a new reality that we’ve been taking for granted. No longer are large corporations the targets of cyber invasions, these online criminals are actively seeking everyday individuals and looking for ways to exploit your personal information for their own use and financial gain. How do you protect yourself from these online threats? What are the best online security options to protect your home from online attacks? Learn how to protect yourself and your home from outside online intrusions, we discuss the latest techniques for Internet protection, and security options to help safeguard your online experience.

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